Voting Day

Attitude: Curiosity Concept: Function
Enthusiastic learners of PYP 3 finally voted for their class captain and vice -captain. The curious learners are now waiting for the results to be announced.

Mathematics Summative

Children are not things to be moulded, but people to be unfolded. - Jess Lair
With the same thought, learners got an opportunity to plan a year end party for their peers. They formed groups and decided the clothes they will wear, food and drinks, decoration etc. They enthusiastically took part in this learning engagement. The purpose was to reflect on their learning of multiplication and division unit wherein they planned the food and drinks they would like to share with their peers, the quantity, estimated amount and the contribution of each child. PYP 3 learners proved to be thinkers and showcased self-management skills while planning and executing a wonderful party.

My Own Voice- Summative Assessment

Debate is an excellent engagement for language learning because it engages learners in a variety of cognitive and linguistic ways.It helps them gather information about topics they might not know a lot about. This strategy provides opportunities for all the learners to participate in discussions to develop listening and speaking skills. PYP 3 learners came up with different issues locally and globally and after discussing various issues they finally concluded to debate on Demonetization.

Thinking Dots Strategy

Profile: Thinker
Learners have gained essential knowledge, understanding, and skill about the topic money in Mathematics. They used Think Dots strategy to review, demonstrate, and extend their thinking on the same. It is a strategy made of six cards; each card has a question or a task that asks learners to work directly with important knowledge, understanding and skills. PYP 3 kids enjoyed rolling the dice and selecting the activity of their wish. They also assessed their peers in the group. Overall, the learning engagement proved to be very fruitful for the learners.

Summarizing Understanding

Learners were engaged in reflecting the learning journey of additional language by different strategies. Learners reflected enthusiastically and confidently. They have also started using in their daily life small words like greetings, objects in the classroom, days and months.

Guest Lectures

Profile: Knowledgeable
Learners had guest speakers who shared about the various types of governance in the World.

Mani’s brother helped the learners analyse how citizen’s mind set is changed for accepting a particular type of governance. He helped them understand this with the help of story about Adolf Hitler’s Dictatorship rule.

Ms. Monika Bajaj shared about how France became a Democratic Republic from Monarchy after the French Revolution.

Mrs. Vishakha Pujari narrated a story about how India achieved its independence and became a democratic country in Hindi language.
Mr. Surendra Chouhan shared his expertise about the government of China. Learners gained valuable insight about the governing system of China. It was an interactive session and kids enjoyed sharing their thoughts with him.

Online Flowchart

Profile: Reflective
Learners worked in groups to design an online flowchart showing the Hierarchy of the Indian Government system. This was their Assessment for learning for the second LOI "The way Government Works'.